Triad Craft Beer Week June 19th-25th

Don’t miss a single day of the Inaugural Triad Craft Beer Week! During June 19-25th, you’ll have access to several craft beer events around the Triad.

Triad Craft Beer Week was founded with the intention of highlighting and sharing the Triad’s craft beer movement and culminating with the biggest beer festival in the Triad, the Summertime Brews Festival. TCBW also aims to educate new and seasoned participants on the craft beer scene so there will be plenty of opportunities to sharpen and expand your beer knowledge. Each event is selected and crafted purposefully to incorporate the many facets of craft beer culture.
During the 2016 TCBW, you’ll find a diversity of events that let participants sample the many styles of craft beer, enjoy delicious beer and food pairings, learn about craft beer in the Triad and top it off with the 12th Annual Summertime Brews Festival on June 25th.

The participating breweries are Brown Truck Brewery, Foothills, Brewing, Four Saints Brewing Company, Gibbs Hundred Brewing Company, Hoots Beer Co., Liberty Brewery & Grill, Pig Pounder Brewery, Preyer Brewing, Natty Greene’s Brewing Company and Red Oak Brewery. Visit our events page for a list of the week’s activities.